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Mercedes Benz E320CDI Elegance W211
Engine 3.2 Diesel  204KM
VIN: WDB2110261A259622
Year of manufacture 2003
Mileage 173,000km
Price PLN 55,000

Mercedes W211 from our hands:

Varnish measurement protocol

W211 kolaż 11.jpg

Accident free car, freshly imported from Germany, paid for, registered, insured, after extensive service.
-2003-2006 First owner (born 1932 - Lippstadt)
-2006-2022 Second owner (born 1933 - Lippstadt)
-12/12/2022 First registration in Poland.

After importing to the country, not only the first technical examination was performed, but also an inspection of the entire car, and a comprehensive service.
The car has the first Kfz-Brief, a case with instructions, a service book, documentation from TUV technical tests, invoices for the service performed, Michelin all-season tires, 2 keys.
The car from the outside and inside looks very fresh, works and drives perfectly.
Chassis healthy and without the slightest leaks.
No faults or hidden defects.
Minor paint abrasions on the bumper moldings.

Legendary 320 CDI engine (R6, OM648) + classic gearbox + good equipment + documented origin and service history + new service + registration and insurance.

So that the buyer can LEGALLY "back on wheels" immediately after purchase, the car has already been registered and insured. The car is available immediately and ready to drive immediately after purchase.
Margin VAT invoice - Buyer exempt from stamp duty
Payment by cash or bank transfer.
Possibility of financing.

- Possibility to pick up the customer from PKP Gogolin or Opole. It is also possible to transport it to the Buyer's or service address and make a purchase decision after an on-site inspection.
- Word booking is possible only for the time of arrival - 1 day. Reservation for a longer period is possible only on the basis of an advance payment of 5% of the car price.
-Before arrival, confirm the validity of the offer, and arrange an inspection date.
-NOTE - The company's premises are opened only for pre-arranged customers. People arriving without prior contact may not be served.

This announcement does not constitute an offer or guarantee, in particular within the meaning of art. 66 § 1 and art. 556 index 1 of the Civil Code. Komfort-Trans reserves the right to clarify and correct any errors.

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