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Mercedes-Benz E280 Vanguard W210

Year of production 1996

Mileage 275,000km

Price PLN 14,900

The car was imported by us from Germany in 2013 from the first owner with a mileage of 154,000 km, followed by a comprehensive inspection and service at the Dealership. Engine and gearbox oils, filters, liquids, spark plugs and discs were replaced, and then professional maintenance was commissioned.


Then, during the current operation, filters and oil were replaced every 12,000 km with Valvoline Maxlife 10w40 at Merc Serwis Sosnowiec.


in 2016, at the mileage of 223,000 km, the water pump, viscous, air conditioning condenser were replaced, the engine was sealed and the gearbox oil was changed again.


in January 2018, with a mileage of 255,000 km, the brake discs (ATE), alternator, brake fluid, stabilizer links were replaced and the geometry was adjusted.


In September 2018, the swingarm, suspension bushings (lemforder), front springs (OEM), spark plugs, lambda probe were replaced, the throttle was cleaned, and new summer tires were put on.


Thanks to meticulous servicing, the car is in excellent mechanical condition, and driving it is pure pleasure.


Pick up car in Nysa.

Direct phone to the owner: 730057082

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